Meet some of the startups EnergyLab has supported
Meet EnergyLab's members and alumni
EnergyLab has supported more than 100 clean energy and cleantech startups through our various programs and initiatives.

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In September 2020 the following 13 startups were accepted into the first intake of our Scaleup Program.
In February 2020 we ran a one-off acceleration program for the Tasmanian Government to support smart energy startups.
Below are the startups that have been accepted into each intake of our Acceleration Program.

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Intake 7 (February 2020)
Intake 6 (October 2019)
Intake 5 (April 2019)
Intake 4 (October 2018)
Intake 3 (May 2018)
Intake 2 (September 2017)
Intake 1 (April 2017)
In 2018, EnergyLab ran a Landing Pad Program to help startups from around the world expand down under. We now help the best international energy startups enter the Australian market through our Scaleup Program.
The startups below have participated in our Pre-Acceleration Program (originally branded as Springboard).
In 2019, EnergyLab ran an Incubation Program in Canberra, Hobart and Lismore, funded by the Australian Government's Incubator Support Grant.
Cleantech startups from around Australia can apply to become a 'virtual member' of EnergyLab and plug into our online community of cleantech founders, which includes all startups currently in one of our programs. Below are some of the startups our members are working on.