Australia's leading platform for launching energy startups
EnergyLab supports innovation in the energy sector
We run a series of programs designed to help people launch and grow new energy businesses, operate a coworking space, and run regular events to bring the community together. Whether you are a startup, large company or non-profit, we look forward to working with you to create the clean energy future.
How we support clean energy innovation
Innovation is a team effort, and transitioning our energy systems will require collaboration between a wide range of actors. We create constant opportunities for people to connect and collaborate by running regular events and hosting clean energy startups in our coworking space.
The problems facing the energy sector are complex and the details unknown to the general public. Through hosting regular events and workshops we help entrepreneurs, industry and community groups gain a more nuanced understanding of the problems to better enable them to come up with the solutions.
Clean energy innovators need tailored support; simply applying the lessons learnt by the software industry won't work. EnergyLab is working to develop and disseminate an understanding of how to most successfully develop and scale up clean energy innovations.
How we support cleantech startups
Whether you need advice, funding, somewhere to work, or all of the above, we're here to help
Two-day events for people interested in starting a clean energy company, but lacking an idea or co-founders
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Pre-Acceleration Program
Our Pre-Acceleration Program is designed to help people with a clean energy startup idea gain initial traction and secure support
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Clean Energy Acceleration Program
Ready to take your business to the next level? Our Acceleration Program has been developed with cleantech accelerators around the world to give your business the tailored support it needs.
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Smart Energy Acceleration Program
A rapid prototyping sprint to help smart energy and smart city startups go from idea to deploying a new IoT product in just three months.
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Capital Raising
Capital Raising with EnergyLab will give you the opportunity to pitch to our CleanTech Angel Group to raise over $50,000 in capital.
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Meet our members
Here are some of the companies at EnergyLab working to create an impact in clean energy
EnergyLab is Australia's leading hub, connector and accelerator of new business and technological
initiatives that move Australia and the world toward
100% clean energy solutions

Meet our mentors
Our great mentors are dedicated to helping clean energy startups grow. Here are just a few.
Amy Kean
NSW Renewable Energy Advocate, NSW Department of Industry
Stefan Jarnason
Co-founder and CEO, Solar Analytics
Victoria Adams
Director, Clean Energy Finance Corporation
Cameron Briggs
Head of Future Energy, Origin Energy
"People underestimate how hard energy innovation is. The IT revolution was easy in comparison. The pace of IT innovation was extremely fast. It's a different thing to generate paradigm shifts in energy."
Bill Gates
EnergyLab was established to overcome the unique challenges facing clean energy startups. Every preconceived notion of how innovation works has been questioned to ensure our startups have the best chance at success.
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