Smart Energy Accelerator
Prototype, test and deploy your smart energy or smart city product in three months
Idea to commercial deployment in three months
The EnergyLab Smart Energy Accelerator is an intense three-month prototyping sprint to develop, iterate and deploy IoT solutions in Tasmania. By partnering with Definium Technologies, EnergyLab is able to offer participant with all the support and guidance they need to take a smart energy or smart cities idea, develop fully functional prototypes, and trial it with our local partners. The program will only run once and, thanks to support from the Tasmanian Government and TasNetworks, is completely free so don't miss out!
Receive the support and guidance you need to succeed
Rapid prototyping support
Access to Definium facilities, materials, training workshops and support for rapidly developing, producing and testing prototypes of IoT products.
Workshops with potential deployment partners
We'll connect you to local organisations like TasNetworks interested in partnering with startups to trial novel IoT solutions during and after the program.
Exposure to 250 mentors
EnergyLab has an extensive network of mentors from a wide range of backgrounds, such as energy companies, government departments, investment institutions and startups. That means that no matter what you need to know or who you need to talk to, there is a good chance that one of our mentors will be able to help you out.
Introductions to potential investors, customers and partners
EnergyLab is deeply integrated into the Australian energy ecosystem and well connected to investors interested in the energy sector, organisations interested in partnering with those startups, and potential early adopters.
Let us help you secure potential customers, partners and investors by promoting your successes. We'll run a public Town Hall event to introduce you to the local community at the start of the program and a Demo Day at the end of the program.
Workshop and office space
During the program you will have access to workshop space to prototype your product and office space to do everything else.
Explore Tasmania
Get to know your fellow program participants while exploring the stunning state of Tasmania.
Not sure if this program is for you? If you are an entrepreneur with a smart energy or smart cities startup idea, a startup founder looking to develop a new IoT product, or an established business exploring a new market, then you're in the right place! But if you're still uncertain drop me an email and I'll help you decide whether you should apply.

Riley McAuliffe
Acceleration Program Manager
A world-class rapid prototyping facility
Definium's advanced manufacturing facility features a suite of electronics assembly capabilities to suit any job. Program participants will be able to access the lab and Definium's hands-on training and support to turn their ideas into fully-functional prototypes.
Meet our mentors
EnergyLab has a national network of 250 mentors who generously volunteer their time to help startups in our Acceleration Program grow
Renate Egan
Chair and Co-Founder, Solar Analytics
Glenn Platt
Research Director - Energy, CSIRO
Mary Stewart
CEO, Energetics
John Grimes
CEO, Smart Energy Council
Explore Tasmania
From wine tasting in the Tamar Valley to hiking in the World Heritage listed Cradle Mountains, we'll show you the best parts of Tasmania. More than just a way to let off some steam in an otherwise intense program, this will also be a great way for you to get to know the other talented entrepreneurs in the program.
A limited-time offer to participate for free
No cost
Thanks to support from the Tasmanian Government and TasNetworks, there is no cost to participate in EnergyLab's Smart Energy Accelerator. You can keep your equity and we won't charge you a cent. Just pay for your own travel to Tasmania and your living expenses while you're there.
One intake only
This program will only run once so get in quick! The Smart Energy Accelerator is a one-time partnership between EnergyLab, Definium and the Tasmanian Government to rapidly prototype and trial new smart energy, smart city and IoT products.
Located in a smart cities hub
The program will run in the city of Launceston in Tasmania, Australia. Launceston has a city-wide LoRaWAN network, which program participants will be able to utilise, and thanks to a wide range of supportive local partners is an ideal location to trial smart energy and smart city solutions.
The application process
To apply simply fill out a form and attend a couple of interviews
Online application
The first step is to fill out an application form on You will need to answer some questions and upload a video and slide deck.
First round interview
The most promising companies will be invited to attend a first round interview via video conference. The purpose of this interview is for us to get to know you better as a founder and determine whether you're a good fit for the program.
Second round interview
Companies who are most suited to the program will be invited to a second interview via video conference (or in person for locals). At this interview you will be asked to pitch to a panel of key program stakeholders who will assess your idea's potential.

Six lucky companies will be invited to join EnergyLab's Smart Energy Accelerator.
Key dates
Mark these dates in your calendar if you're interested in participating in the Smart Energy Accelerator
What we're looking for
We're seeking talented individuals who can make good use of what the program has to offer to build a high-impact smart energy or smart cities business
A great team...
We're looking for individuals or small teams who are 100% committed to their business, willing to do the hard and uncomfortable work necessary to be successful, and capable of moving fast enough to capture the opportunity.

You ideally have experience that provides you with a unique insight into the problem you're solving and an edge over your competition.

You also need to have the ability to (with our help) turn your ideas into reality and be open and eager to incorporate other's perspectives into your plans.

...with a compelling idea
To be a good fit for the program you need to have an idea that revolves around a new product that we can help you rapidly prototype and deploy with our partners.

This product needs to provide enough value to enough potential customers to support the growth of a profitable business.

You don't need to have every detail hammered out, but you do need to have a good theory for how you will scale your business, beat the competition and reach profitability.
Here are some of the questions we're commonly asked. If there is anything else you would like to know please email [email protected].
Where is the program located?
The program is located in the city of Launceston in Tasmania, Australia.
What does the program cost?
Nothing! We don't charge a participation fee and don't take any equity in your business. You'll have to pay for your personal and businesses expenses but that's it.
Do I need a co-founder to apply?
No, we are happy to receive applications from solo founders.
I'm working on <insert technology>, can I apply?
Possibly! While EnergyLab, funnily enough, has a focus on energy, we're open to any IoT startup for this program. If you're unsure then please send us an email.
I don't live in Australia, can I still apply?
Yes you can. The program has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of international applications.
I'm not sure whether it's worth my time applying...
We completely understand. That's why we have a pre-application form that only takes 5 minutes to fill out. Answer a few questions and we'll be in touch within a week to let you know whether we think it's worth your time filling in the whole application form.