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The virtual home of cleantech founders
Now more than ever, entrepreneurs need a strong a network of supporters around them. But that can be easier said than done right now, with everyone working from home and meetings a no-go zone!

EnergyLab's new virtual membership offering gives cleantech founders the network, knowledge and resources they need to emerge from these challenging times stronger than before, from just $30/month.
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Receive the support you need to succeed
EnergyLab members receive a wide range of exclusive benefits that are constantly being updated to best meet our members' needs.
A thriving online community
EnergyLab members gain access to an internal Slack workspace and Facebook group used by founders to share useful information, offer assistance, or just lend a sympathetic ear to fellow founders as they rise to meet the challenges of cleantech entrepreneurship.
Weekly member updates
Stay up to date and never miss an opportunity again. Every week we round up the latest news, events, resources and opportunities that cleantech entrepreneurs need to know about, and send it to our members in an easy-to digest-format.
Weekly member meetups
Regular virtual meetups help keep our members kicking networking and professional development goals. We mix it up each week, with meetups ranging from workshops on topics requested by our members (e.g. COVID-19 implications for capital-raising, and the ins-and-outs of solar PPAs) to more informal peer-to-peer 'startup shares'.
Member directory
Quickly connect with any other EnergyLab member by looking them up in the member directory. Unless they opt out, every member's name, company and email address is listed in the directory to make it as easy as possible for members to connect and collaborate.
End-of-week drinks
Corona or no corona, Friday afternoon drinks will go on! We've shifted our weekly wind-downs online, with members joining a group video chat each Friday afternoon to celebrate the end of the working week and get to know fellow cleantech founders in a fun setting.
International exposure
Members are invited to add their startup's logo, blurb and website link to our startups page. EnergyLab's website is one of the first places people look when searching for cleantech startups in Australia, making it a great place to boost your company's web presence.
Resources library
Gain access to our virtual library of industry reports, legal templates, how-to guides and other useful resources, making it quicker and easier to find the information you need when you need it.
Perks and discounts
EnergyLab members enjoy a range of benefits from supporting organisations like Amazon Web Services, Google, Stripe, IBM and more.
Coworking space access
Take advantage of our hotdesking facilities with a monthly day-pass to our Sydney coworking space.
Registered business address
Use EnergyLab's Sydney base as your registered business address to add a touch of professionalism to your business and so you don't need to publish where you live on the internet for all to see.
Join Australia's largest community of cleantech entrepreneurs
EnergyLab is the largest community of cleantech entrepreneurs in Australia; a network of founders starting high-growth businesses to solve environmental challenges. Here are some of the great companies our members are building.
Receive invitations to exclusive member events
Connect and collaborate with fellow EnergyLab members at workshops, end-of-week drinks and other member meetups.
Access exclusive member perks and offers
Through EnergyLab's partnerships with global and local organisations, our members enjoy access to exclusive perks and offers to help save money and grow their business.
Amazon Web Services Activate
With the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Activate Benefit, EnergyLab virtual members get access to $1,000 USD in AWS Activate Credits, $350 in AWS Developer Support Credits and other cloud support.
Google Cloud Startup Program
EnergyLab startups can access up to $100,000 in Google Cloud Platform and Firebase Credits, one year of free G Suite Basic, Google Maps Platform credits for 12 months, plus more.
Startup with IBM
An EnergyLab membership unlocks $120,000 in IBM Cloud credits for your company to access AI, blockchain, data science and other services, as well as opportunities to sell your solution to IBM's global network of customers, partners and developers.
Made Together
Made Together's exclusive offer for EnergyLab members includes discounted brand and product strategy workshops, as well as discounted rates on bespoke engagements.
Stripe Startup Offer
EnergyLab members can access Stripe benefits including $15,000 in free processing and priority access to new product betas and events.
How to apply
Our application process is short and sweet - we know your time is in high demand! A short application form and video interview will help us get to know you, and give you a chance to ask any questions you have about EnergyLab.
Online application
The first step in applying to become an EnergyLab member is to fill in a short online application form.

There is no application deadline and we assess applications on a rolling basis so apply as soon as you're ready.
Each month, we'll invite applicants for whom EnergyLab seems like a good fit to attend a video interview with a couple of our team members.

Interviews will be about 20 minutes long, providing an opportunity for us to learn some more about you and allow you to ask us any questions you have about EnergyLab.
If we think you're a good fit for the community - and you agree - you'll receive confirmation of your membership shortly after your interview. There will be one more short form to fill out so we know where to send emails and invitations.
What we look for in new members
We're our community's biggest fans, keen to ensure the best possible fit for all new members.
Cleantech entrepreneurs...
We're looking for founders of businesses with the potential to grow fast and make a significant impact on important environmental challenges like climate change.
...with an Australian connection...
Anyone in the world is welcome to apply, but we do ask that our members have a connection to Australia. Although most of our startups are based in Australia, some are now expanding offshore while others are based overseas and are exploring the Australian market.
...who will make a positive contribution to the community
It's our members that bring the community to life. We're 100 per cent committed to the values of respect, trust and a 'give first' mentality, and uber-proud of the thriving community that has grown around them.
Join today from just $30/month
Our virtual membership offering has been designed with flexibility in mind. Standard and Premium memberships are available, paid on a month-to-month basis with no lock-in contract or termination fee.
Virtual Membership (Standard)
per person per month (plus GST)
Virtual Membership (Premium)
per person per month (plus GST)
Here are some of the questions we're commonly asked. If there is anything else you would like to know please email
Who is eligible to be an EnergyLab member?
Entrepreneurs working on a high growth business with significant environmental benefits who have a connection to Australia are welcome to apply.
Do I have to be working in Australia to be an EnergyLab member?
No, we welcome applications from cleantech entrepreneurs working anywhere in the world. We do, however, ask that you have a connection (of some sort) to Australia, to help ensure you get the best out of being part of the EnergyLab community.
What's the difference between the standard and premium virtual memberships?
Our standard virtual membership gives you access to member-only events, perks, online collaboration platforms, weekly newsletters, resource library and international exposure via our website. A premium virtual membership gives you all that, plus a monthly day-pass for accessing the hotdesking facilities at our Sydney coworking space, and a registered business address in Sydney.
Does EnergyLab offer coworking memberships as well as virtual ones?
EnergyLab does typically offer coworking memberships for our office space in Sydney. We've put new coworking memberships on hold for the moment due to COVID-19 restrictions, and have introduced our virtual membership offering as an alternative for cleantech entrepreneurs to join our community during this time (and beyond!).
How do I pay?
Payment is made monthly (at the start of each month, for the month ahead) via a direct debit arrangement we'll set up once your membership has been confirmed.