If you're interested in investing in Australian cleantech startups you won't find better deal flow anywhere else
Want to invest in Australia's most promising cleantech startups?
At EnergyLab, we are privileged to work with the best cleantech startups in Australia. We run Australia's largest acceleration program for cleantech startups and are the first port of call for most cleantech startups looking to raise capital. As a result, we have an unparalleled deal flow that we're happy to share with you.
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How it works
We find the best cleantech startups
EnergyLab takes recruitment and screening to the next level. Through our programs, events, outreach and referral network we come into contact with most cleantech startups in Australia. In addition to conducting the usual initial due diligence you would expect, we're then able to draw on up to three years of experience with an entrepreneur before deciding whether or not to invite them to pitch to our angel group.
You're invited to see them pitch
Three times a year we pick the three most promising cleantech startups we think our angel investors will be most interested in. Those startups are invited to pitch to our members in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. These exclusive events are also a great opportunity for you to meet like-minded investors over a drink.
You conduct due diligence as a group
If any of the startups that pitched catch your eye then we'll invite you to a longer meeting with the founders, which you can attend in person or via video conference. After this meeting, you'll agree what due diligence needs to be done with the rest of the group and divvy up the work.
If everything is looking good, you invest!
After the due diligence is done then we'll collectively agree on an offer to make to the startup. If they accept then each angel will either invest directly or through a trust, depending on what has been agreed with the startup.
Who we're looking for
If this sounds like you then we hope you'll apply!
You want to support cleantech startups
EnergyLab's angel group is dedicated to supporting businesses with high growth potential that have a positive environmental impact through investment and ongoing support as advisers.
You're in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane
Pitch nights are held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and we require in-person attendance. Therefore we can only cater to members who live or at least regularly visit one of those cities at this time.
You're able to invest at least $10,000
Our members typically invest $10,000 to $100,000 at a time. Accepting investment increments less than $10,000 is usually more effort than it's worth for the best entrepreneurs.
You're a team player
While our members often invest directly into startups, we conduct due diligence and negotiate as a group to achieve the best results for everyone.
Save the dates!
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Pitch night
Follow-up meetings
Here are some of the questions we're commonly asked. If there is anything else you would like to know please email [email protected].
I'd prefer to invest alone - is that possible?
Of course. If you are in a position to invest at least $100,000 then we have a more tailored service for you. Fill in this form to let us know what types of cleantech startups you would like to invest in and we'll be in touch when we identify a startup that fits your mandate.

If you can't invest at least $100,000 then we would encourage you to apply to join our angel network and give group investing a go.
I'm a startup - how do I pitch for investment?
Head to this page to find out how to pitch to our angel group.
Does it cost anything to join? Does EnergyLab take a cut?
No and no. It's free for investors to join and attend events, it's free for startups to apply and pitch, and we don't take a cut of any of the deals. This is a free service EnergyLab provides for the benefit of the cleantech startup and investor community.