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The EnergyLab Accelerator is a year-long program to supercharge clean energy startups. If accepted, entrepreneurs receive training, connections to our network of investors, mentors and partners, and assistance in raising capital.
The place to be for energy startups
EnergyLab's Acceleration Program was the first in Australia to focus on energy startups and is now one of Australia's biggest acceleration programs of any kind.

We have designed the Acceleration Program from the ground up to provide what energy entrepreneurs need to succeed, learning from the world's top cleantech accelerators and adapting those lessons for the Australian context.
Receive the support and guidance you need to succeed
Exposure to over 200 mentors
EnergyLab has an extensive network of mentors from a wide range of backgrounds, such as energy companies, government departments, investment institutions and startups. That means that no matter what you need to know or who you need to talk to, there is a good chance that one of our mentors will be able to help you out.
Coaching from a successful entrepreneur
Every company in the program is assigned a business coach who has successfully set up, grown and sold at least one business. You will meet with your business coach regularly throughout the program to discuss the challenges facing your startup and how to overcome them.
Introductions to industry leaders
EnergyLab is fortunate to be supported by Origin Energy, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. During the Acceleration Program, each startup is given an opportunity to present to senior management and staff at each of these organisations.
National coworking membership
EnergyLab operates coworking spaces throughout Australia just for clean energy startups. Program participants get a permanent desk in one of these coworking spaces and hot desk membership in the others. More than just a place to get free internet and coffee, this is an opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs.
Legal and accounting assistance
Worried about asking a lawyer a question and receiving a $1,000 bill in the mail? Worry no more; while in our Acceleration Program, you can talk to someone from Marque Lawyers or KPMG and a receive basic assistance for free. If you need extensive work done you will be provided with a fixed, no-obligation quote at a special price.
Training in business fundamentals
Throughout the program, EnergyLab will run a series of workshops on a range of topics critical to refining your idea and developing a solid business plan. Topics include sales, marketing, financial modelling and market analysis, and are taught by professionals with experience in those fields.
Assistance raising capital
We will help you raise the capital you need to grow your business, either by helping you prepare to pitch to our angel group or by introducing you to our network of cleantech investors. Startups accepted into our Early Stage Acceleration Program who meet additional criteria are also offered $50,000 in seed capital from Artesian in exchange for an additional 5% equity.
EnergyLab's Acceleration Program is based on global best-practice accelerators to provide entrepreneurs with the support they need to succeed in the energy sector.
Meet our mentors
EnergyLab has a national network of about 250 mentors who generously volunteer their time to help startups in our Acceleration Program grow
Renate Egan
Chair and Co-Founder, Solar Analytics
Glenn Platt
Research Director - Energy, CSIRO
Mary Stewart
CEO, Energetics
John Grimes
CEO, Smart Energy Council
Gain exposure to our partners
Startups in our program are given a rare opportunity to present to the senior management and staff of Origin Energy, CEFC and ARENA
Join one of Australia's only national accelerators
Want to start the program in one city and then move to another? No problem, we have you covered - EnergyLab's Acceleration Program runs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra and is expanding to Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Lismore. As a result, participants gain access to a national network of coworking spaces and connections.
Each energy startup is unique and will follow its own path to success. EnergyLab's Acceleration Program aims to provide the support entrepreneurs need to succeed, no matter what challenge faces them at the time.
Choose the terms that suit your business
Pick between straight equity or a more flexible instrument, depending on which terms you find more attractive
Gain access to all program benefits in exchange for a 'Simple Agreement for Future Equity' (SAFE) that will provide EnergyLab with as little as 1% equity at your next capital raise.
Gain access to all program benefits in exchange for 5% equity.
An exclusive investment offer
EnergyLab's Acceleration Program is actually two separate acceleration programs - the Early Stage Acceleration Program and the Fast Track Acceleration Program. The former comes with $50,000 seed capital from Artesian in exchange for an additional 5% equity.
The application process
To apply simply fill out a form and come to a couple interviews
Online application
The first step is to fill out an application form on You will need to answer some questions and upload a video and slide deck.
First round interview
The most promising companies will be invited to attend a first round interview. The purpose of this interview is for us to get to know you better as a founder and determine whether you're a good fit for the program.
Second round interview
Companies who are most suited to the program will be invited to a second interview. This interview will delve more into the technical and financial aspects of the business.
A small number of lucky companies will be invited to join the EnergyLab Acceleration Program.
2019 & 2020 key dates
If you're interested in joining our next intakes, mark these dates in your calendar
What we're looking for
EnergyLab is looking for promising clean energy startups who we can help grow into successful companies. We will consider any applicant who is working on a solution that is part of our vision for a world powered by 100% clean energy. As most of the program is delivered face-to-face you will need to relocate your startup to one of EnergyLab's coworking space for the duration of the program and have at least one team member make the startup their primary focus.

Below is a portrayal of what we see as the ideal clean energy startup to help guide your application.

The ideal applicant has an innovative technology or business model and a great team that can solve a real problem and create social, environmental and economic value. If the market is established the startup has a plan for capturing market share from the incumbents, and if the market is growing the startup is well positioned to ride the wave. Either way, the startup is offering something different to everything else in the market and can gain a significant advantage over their competition, through IP, expertise or exclusive partnerships. The solution is being offered at a price that is attractive to customers, but high enough to cover the company's costs once they reach scale. The startup has a believable plan for achieving financial maturity, either by exiting or reaching a point where the business can operate without relying on outside capital. The team is cohesive and has a unique insight into the problem they are solving for their customers. They possess most of the skills required to grow the business and have a plan for bringing on board missing expertise.

To be offered a spot in the Early Stage Acceleration Program and receive the $50,000 seed capital, applicants also need to meet additional eligibility criteria set by Artesian.
Apply now
Here are some of the questions we're commonly asked. If there is anything else you would like to know please email [email protected].
Where is the program located?
For the fifth intake (starting April 2019), we plan to accept applications in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. For the sixth intake (starting October 2019), we'll be accepting applicants from Brisbane and Perth.
Do I need a co-founder to apply?
No, we are happy to receive applications from solo founders. However, to make sure your application is competitive, please explain who is helping you in other capacities (e.g. advisors) and what your plans are for bringing others on board.
I'm working on <insert technology>, can I apply?
Possibly! We take a very broad view of clean energy and include any technology that is required in a world powered by 100% renewable sources. Please send us an email and we'll tell you for sure.
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