Learn what it takes to be a female founder in energy
The EnergyLab Women in Clean Energy Fellowship is designed to inspire, educate and support women to start clean energy startups.
What the Women in Clean Energy Fellowship involves
The Women in Clean Energy Fellowship equips you with the skills, know-how and network to take the first steps in entrepreneurship.

Over a twelve week period, you'll be joined by a diverse group of future female entrepreneurs, mentors and role models to give you the knowledge and confidence to start your own clean energy startup.

Be inspired by other female founders
Learn from those who have gone before you. Over a three-part dinner series, successful female entrepreneurs will share their founding stories, challenges they've faced and other advice and insights from the arena!
Learn the foundations of entrepreneruship
What does it take to start a startup? In a series of discussions and workshops, you'll be joined by experts to help you understand the steps involved to start your own company. We'll cover everything from how to hatch an idea and find co-founders to how to pitch your idea and gain investment.
Build a solid support network
Surround yourself with people who'll cheer you on! Over the course of the program you will build a strong tight-knit community of fellow female founders, experts and mentors to support your journey.
Have the confidence to take the leap!
It's our mission to set you up for success. At the end of the fellowship, you'll have the knowledge, skills and support to take the leap and start your own thing. If you hatch a great startup idea, the fellowship is designed to feed directly into EnergyLab Pre-Acceleration Program and Acceleration Program. These programs will give you all the support you need to grow your idea into an early-stage startup.
Join the broader EnergyLab community
Continue to broaden your knowledge and network! The fellowship will run alongside EnergyLab's events schedule in Melbourne to help you explore ideas, find cofounders and welcome you to our extensive community of startups and mentors.
More details about the fellowship
The Women in Clean Energy Fellowship will run in Melbourne over 12 weeks between late-August and early-November 2019. During the 12 weeks, a series of 9 evening events will deliver inspirational group mentoring, educational discussions and workshops on startup fundamentals. Each fellowship evening event will run for 1-2 hours and there will never be more than one event per week!

Don't live in Melbourne? Don't worry, we'll be rolling out the program to other cities in 2020. Fill out this form to be notified of when you can expect a Women in Clean Energy Fellowship program in your city.
Fellowship Mentors
The Fellowship will connect you with high-profile female entrepreneurs and mentors, hand-picked by EnergyLab for their expertise in the energy sector.
Marteen Burger
COO and Co-Founder at Jaunt Motors
Martin is COO and Co-Founder at Jaunt Motors. Jaunt's mission is to minimise car ownership and help drive Australia toward zero-emission transport. Jaunt up-cycles iconic four-wheel-drives and turns them into electric vehicles for adventure.
Renate Egan
Chair and Co-Founder at Solar Analytics Pty Ltd
Renate's 25 year career spans industry, university and not for profits. She has managed technology development in Australia and Germany and led industrial research projects with China. Renate is a Co-Founder of Solar Analytics, leads the UNSW activity in the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics and is Chair of the Australian PV Institute.
Kimberley Winter
Founder at Evolte
Kimberley is the founder of Evolte, on a mission to accelerate sustainable transport adoption. She is building a transport aggregation platform for personalised journey planning, that gets users to their destination in a way that's most important to them.
Emma Jenkin
Co-Founder & CFO at DC Power Co.
Emma is the Co-Founder & CFO at DC Power Co, the electricity company made for solar households. She is an expert in fixed income, commodity and financial markets across trading, structuring, origination and raising capital.
How to apply
Applications have closed for the Melbourne 2019 program. To register you're interest for next year's program and programs in other cities please fill out this form.
Here are some of the questions we're commonly asked. If there is anything else you would like to know please email [email protected].
When will the fellowship take place?
A series of nine evening events will take place between August and November.
Can I participate remotely?
We require in-person attendance for all fellowship events.
How much does it cost?
Nothing! The fellowship program is completely free.
Do I need industry experience to apply?
No! We encourage diversity of experience. All you need is an interest in clean energy entrepreneurship!
Do I need a startup idea to apply?
No. The aim of this fellowship is to give you the know-how, tools and confidence to step down the entrepreneurial path. If you already have a startup idea, that's a bonus!
How many spots are there in the fellowship?
8-12 females will be invited to join the fellowship. We keep the fellowship small so we can create an open, safe environment and provide personalised attention to each participant.
Supporting women in clean energy
EnergyLab is dedicated to promoting diversity and gender equality in the clean energy sector.

While the representation of women in the startup ecosystem continues to increase, currently
only 25% of founders in Australia are female, and the numbers of female founders in energy-
related startups is even lower! We believe this can be brought up to parity by
better preparing female entrepreneurs for the startup journey.