Scaleup Program
Bringing late-stage clean energy startups and industry stakeholders together to jointly deploy clean energy solutions
Calling all energy sector disruptors
EnergyLab's Scaleup Program is designed to help the most innovative startups and large companies work together to roll out technology that will help decarbonise the energy sector. During this completely free (and now completely virtual) program, founders will be provided with the connections, mentorship and exposure they need to unlock their next wave of growth.

The program is supported by and run in partnership with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, APA, Powerlink, Westpac, AusNet Services, Counties Power, Yurika, Nectr, the International Microgrid Association, and FRV.
Receive the tailored support you need to maximise your impact
The EnergyLab Scaleup Program has been designed to provide the support that late-stage startups need to bring their clean energy solutions to a wider audience. Before you start the program, we'll discuss your unique challenges and opportunities and develop a customised offering unique to your business. However, as a baseline, you can expect to receive the following support.
Introductions to corporate decision-makers
The Scaleup Program is backed by some of Australia's most innovative energy companies, including APA, Powerlink and AusNet Services, who are interested in working with the startups selected to join the program to deploy clean energy solutions. You will meet executives and heads of innovation at these companies and explore partnership opportunities.
Mentorship from successful energy sector entrepreneurs
The founders of Australia's most successful energy startups have volunteered to mentor program participants. You'll get to spend time with these talented entrepreneurs, who will share their tips and war stories to help you prepare for what's ahead.
Exposure to Australia's most active energy-sector investors
You will receive feedback on your plans from the venture capital firms, debt providers, high-net-worths and family offices with the most expertise in scaling up clean energy startups.
Access to EnergyLab's mentor network
In addition to targeted mentoring from successful entrepreneurs and active investors, you will gain access to EnergyLab's extensive mentor network. So no matter who you need to talk to in the Australia energy sector, we're likely to be able to introduce you to them or someone who can.
Extensive public exposure
We'll run private and public (virtual) events to give you a platform to promote your business to our community and the wider public. Our Communications Manager and PR firm will also work with you to promote your achievements through social and traditional media.
Peer-to-peer learning
EnergyLab's Scaleup Program will attract some of the most talented clean energy entrepreneurs from around the world so you'll have a lot to learn from each other. We'll facilitate peer-to-peer learning sessions so you can gain the most from your new network.
Legal and accounting assistance
KPMG and startup specialists Aperion Law will provide free support, meeting one-on-one with each startup to provide tailored assistance. Aperion will also run a visa info session for any overseas companies before the program starts.
Virtual coworking membership
EnergyLab is home to the largest virtual community of energy entrepreneurs in Australia. During the program, you'll enjoy complimentary membership, gaining access to our online collaboration platforms, member-only events, and other exclusive benefits.
A dedicated support team
During the program, you will touch base with EnergyLab's management regularly to discuss how we can further support you, whether that be an introduction to someone in our mentor network, guidance in signing on a utility partner, or providing other connections and advice.
Ongoing assistance
Participating in one of EnergyLab's programs is just a start. Upon graduation, you will join our growing alumni network of the most successful and impactful clean energy founders in Australia. We'll continue to support you in a variety of ways, including making introductions, providing advice and promoting your achievements.
Work with the region's most innovative utilities
Finding an energy utility that's open to innovation is tough, and finding the right person within these enormous organisations is even harder. That's why we've simplified the process of securing partners by finding the decision-makers within Australia and New Zealand's most innovative energy companies and utilities for you. During the program, you will spend one-on-one time with executives and heads of innovation at the organisations below to explore opportunities to work together to deploy your technology.
APA is a leading Australian energy infrastructure business with assets spanning wind, solar and gas-fired power stations to transmission networks for gas and electricity. They're interested in working with startups in the hydrogen or energy storage sectors, as well as any startup who can leverage their extensive base of existing infrastructure.
Powerlink manages a 1,700km electricity transmission network, connecting more than four million consumers in Queensland. They're particularly interested in partnering with startups working in electric vehicles, digitisation and data management.
AusNet Services delivers safe and reliable gas and electricity to more than 1.4 million customers across Victoria. They are a diversified Australian energy infrastructure business, owning and operating almost A$13 billion of electricity and gas network assets. They're seeking to partner with startups in the areas of distributed energy resources, demand management, data-driven maintenance and operations, digital asset models and cybersecurity.
Counties Power owns and operates the electricity distribution network in the southern Auckland and northern Waikato regions of New Zealand. It is 100% consumer owned with one of the fastest growing distribution networks in the country, Counties Power strives to innovate for the benefit of their end-user shareholders. The company is particularly interested in working with startups in the areas of non-network solutions, energy management, advanced energy analytics and electric mobility charging.
Yurika, as part of the Energy Queensland group of companies, is focused on creating innovative solutions that help businesses save money and achieve their clean energy goals. They're interested in talking to startups working on energy data analytics, commercial and industrial rooftop solar process improvements, virtual power plants and energy storage management.
Having officially launched in February 2020, Nectr is on a rapid journey to deliver simple, clever and sustainable energy solutions to Australians. An Australian based business, they are backed by Hanwha Energy – a global leader in renewable energy.
The IMA's vision is to unite companies with a global reach, operating in Western Australia, who are committed to building global microgrid capability by integrating emerging energy and information technologies to generate, distribute, and consume energy more efficiently, cleanly, and cost-effectively.
FRV is a leading global renewable development company in Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America. FRV has built a business model that combines ownership of a diversified portfolio of clean power generation assets, seeking long-term operational and financial optimization. In the next 4 years the company expects an investment of over USD 5 billion increasing by five-fold the total installed capacity to 7.4 GW in 2024.
While the program will focus on exploring opportunities with the above organisations, that's just a start. EnergyLab has deeper and more extensive relationships in the Australian energy sector than any other accelerator, which we'll open up to you.
Meet Australia's most successful energy entrepreneurs
You have some excellent advisers, but you now face challenges that only someone who has achieved what you're attempting could guide you through. Worry no more, as we've gathered the founders of Australia's most successful energy startups to guide you through this pivotal part in your journey. During the program we'll facilitate discussions with these experts on topics you decide, whether that be raising capital, recruiting top talent, expanding to new countries, or something else entirely.
Loïc Barancourt, Co-Founder & CEO, Thinxtra
Loïc is co-Founder and CEO of Thinxtra, The IoT Telco in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Internet of Things connectivity is the backbone for the emerging smart energy industry. Since co-founding Thinxtra in 2015, Loïc has led their international expansion and raised over $40 million of investment from VC, HNW, Strategic and Institutional investors including cornerstone investors Clean Energy Finance Corporation, Adcock Private Equity and Rakon.
Phil Blythe, Founder & CEO, GreenSync
Phil is the Founder & CEO of GreenSync, a world-leading provider of technology for the distributed energy sector. Phil has led GreenSync through multiple funding rounds, securing over $20 million from mainstream VCs, and implemented industry-leading initiatives such as the decentralised energy exchange (deX).
Phil is a serial entrepreneur - having started four businesses so far - and has the battle scars to show for it. His first two startups were acquired but he's best known for his third startup, Redback Technologies, an award-winning energy storage startup. Phil led Redback throughout its formative years, from developing the first business plan to securing more than $20 million from institutional investors and VCs. Phil has now moved on to his fourth startup, Gasbot.
Meet Australia's most active energy investors
We've gathered Australia's leading investors in energy startups to provide you with advice on how to scale your business and maximise your impact.
Bev is the Director of the CEFC's $200 million Clean Energy Innovation Fund, which has made over a dozen investments in late-stage Australian clean energy startups. Before joining the CEFC, Bev held various investment and operational roles in the medical sector, including leading Nucleus Network, Australia's leading clinical research organisation, as CEO.
Dan is an Investment Director at both Full Circle and Black Sheep, investing in dozens of startups from pre-seed to Series B. He sits on the board of Amber Electric as one of their earliest investors. Prior to starting in VC, Dan worked across technology and strategy at Accenture, focussing on advising energy sector clients.
Eytan advises the Impact Investment Group's Giant Leap Fund on clean energy investments, such as in EnergyLab alumni Amber Electric. Eytan is also an angel investor and holds various board positions, including the Chair of Beyond Zero Emissions and a Director of the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network. Previously, Eytan founded Outware Mobile, which was acquired in 2017.
Jeremy Kwong-Law, Head of Investments, Grok Ventures
Jeremy manages the private investment portfolio for Mike & Annie Cannon-Brookes - Grok Ventures. He's led investments in a bunch of energy startups/companies, including Zoox, Brighte and Sun Cable. Prior to starting at Grok, Jeremy founded several fintech startups and worked at Macquarie Capital.
Mark is arguably Australia's most experienced energy startup investor, having made a dozen investments through the $120 million Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund he established. Mark sits on the boards of a number of successful energy startups, including Wattwatchers and GreenSync, and is a member of the Australian Investment Council.
Richard Lovell, Executive Director and Head of Capital Management, CEFC
Richard is an Executive Director in the investment team at the CEFC, where he leads CEFC investments in debt markets and climate bonds, including leading the first venture debt investment into a clean energy startup in Australia. Richard has previously held senior roles at the Westpac Institutional Bank, Société Générale and Perpetual Trustees.
Ulric is Right Click Capital's energy expert and one of the most active energy startup investors in Australia. Before getting into VC, Ulric advised energy utilities at the Boston Consulting Group and has a PhD in computer science from MIT.
Alex is an active startup investor and mentor with a particular interest in cleantech and renewable energy startups. He's a limited partner in Tank Stream Ventures, Blackbird Ventures and Main Sequence Ventures as well as an angel investor in over twenty startups. Previously, Alex was the CFO of Mercadolibre, the leading e-commerce ecosystem in Latin America.
Craig is an active angel investor in energy startups and an advisor to the sector through his firm Engevity and as an Investment Director at the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. Earlier in his career, Craig founded a successful energy startup that led the market in tri/cogen distributed energy solutions.
Melissa Chan, Strategic Advisor, Malcolm Turnbull's Family Office
Melissa advises on the investment portfolio for the family office of the former Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. She has previously worked as an advisor to the Australian Government, and as a management consultant specialising in business strategy and investment across the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.
Tuan-Anh ('TA') leads deeptech investments at Alabaster, an early-stage investor backing founders to leverage breakthrough science for positive, planet-level impact. Previously, he helped roll out energy infrastructure in Vietnam and was an early team member at Misfit (acquired by Fossil Group for US$260m). TA has an undergraduate degree and a DPhil in engineering from Oxford University.
Gain access to our mentor network
Over 250 industry experts, entrepreneurs and investors have volunteered to support the startups in EnergyLab's programs, including some of the sector's most influential thought-leaders. Throughout the program, we'll introduce you to the people in our network who can best support your growth.
Chris Dunstan, Research Director, ISF, UTS
Glenn Platt, Research Director - Energy, CSIRO
John Grimes, CEO, Smart Energy Council
Mary Stewart, CEO, Energetics
Raise your public profile
EnergyLab's events are well-known nation-wide for bringing together a large and diverse range of stakeholders in the energy transition. We'll organise virtual events throughout the program to give you an opportunity to promote your business. We'll also organise private events to introduce you to our community of members, alumni, mentors, investors and partners across the country.
Connect with your peers
Participating in EnergyLab's Scaleup Program is a great opportunity to connect with and learn from other talented clean energy entrepreneurs from around the world. Throughout the program, we'll facilitate peer-to-peer learning sessions so you can make the most of this opportunity.
Receive legal and accounting support
KPMG and startup legal experts Aperion will be on-hand during the program to assist you with any legal and accounting issues you're facing. International applicants will meet with a visa expert before the program starts and all participants will have one-on-one time with accounting, R&D and legal advisers.
Complimentary virtual coworking membership
During these isolated times, community is more valuable than ever, and EnergyLab is home to Australia's largest community of energy sector entrepreneurs. When you join the program, you will also join this community and enjoy all the benefits of EnergyLab's virtual membership offering. This include access to our online platforms for meeting and collaborating with other members, invites to member-only events, and a range of other exclusive member benefits.
Receive dedicated ongoing support
You will meet with EnergyLab's management team regularly throughout the program to discuss your key obstacles and how we can work together to overcome them.
Piers Grove, Co-Founder & Executive Chair
James Tilbury, Co-Founder & CEO
Riley McAuliffe, Acceleration Program Manager
Camille Socquet-Clerc, Communications Manager
Program structure
Your time is limited and you need to spend it wisely. That's why the EnergyLab Scaleup Program is structured into three one-week sprints. Each week will include a series of high-value virtual meetings and events to maximise impact per hour. Between these weeks, support will be delivered in a flexible format to fit in with your busy schedule.
Kickoff Week
31 August - 4 September 2020

We'll start the program with a jam-packed week. You'll get to know the other participants in the program and the wider EnergyLab community. If you need legal, accounting or communications support, you'll get it. But the highlight of the week will be spending time with Australia's most successful clean energy entrepreneurs.
Investor Week
12-16 October 2020

Investor week is all about meeting the group of Australia's most active energy-sector investors who have volunteered as mentors for the program. You'll have a chance to present to each of them during the course of the week and receive verbal and written feedback on how you can improve your presentation and your plans.
Graduation Week
15-19 February 2021

To cap off the program, we'll arrange a series of events to raise your profile and show off all you've achieved. We'll invite investors back to see how much your pitch has improved, bring our partners together to learn about the progress of any projects that came about as part of the program, and feature you in a public demo day.
Application process and dates for the 2020 intake
Applying for the EnergyLab Scaleup Program is easy. Simply fill in an application form, attend an interview, and meet with our utility partners. Even if you're not offered a spot in the program, you would have gained valuable exposure to the region's most innovative energy utilities.
Online application
Due 3 June 2020

The first step in applying for EnergyLab's Scaleup Program is to fill in an online application form.

This form is quite long (so make sure you leave enough time to complete it) but we analyse every answer to help determine whether our Scaleup Program can help you achieve your goals.
22-26 June 2020

The best applicants will be invited to attend an interview with the EnergyLab team during which we will clarify parts of your application and discuss your suitability for the program.

The interviews will be 20 minutes long and held over video conference (there is no need to travel for this interview).
Utility meetings
21-23 July 2020

About half of the interviewed applicants will be invited to a virtual speed networking session with our utility partners so you can explore the fit between their needs and your technology.

Before these sessions, we'll ask you to submit a-5 minute video pitch for our partners to review, so you can get down to business during the meeting.
August 2020

If we make you an offer to join the program, we'll organise a video call shortly afterwards to answer any final questions you have before deciding whether or not to accept our offer.

You won't have to sign an equity agreement or pay anything to join the program, but we will ask you to sign a simple agreement promising to participate in the program to the best of your ability.
What we're looking for
During the selection process, we will assess your application against three key areas.
Strong leadership
Your startup is led by a full-time CEO (or equivalent) who is committed to actively participating in all aspects of the program. We believe they will treat our mentors, staff and stakeholders with respect and take full advantage of what the program has to offer to maximise their impact on the energy sector.
Relevant technology
You're commercialising technology that will help shift the world to 100% clean energy or is otherwise relevant to our utility partners. Your technology has been proven with at least one happy, paying customer or another third party. (If you haven't hit that milestone yet then one of our other programs might be a better fit for you.)
Potential for scale
You have a proven business model that will enable your startup to grow rapidly and are targeting a large market who clearly need your solution. The leadership team hold adequate equity in the business to incentivise them towards a successful outcome for investors.
A limited-time offer to participate for free
To better support clean energy startups in these challenging times, we've decided to make the 2020 intake of EnergyLab's Scaleup Program completely free to join - we won't charge a cent or take any equity in your business. We plan to take equity in startups participating in future intakes so don't put off applying for another year!
Here are some of the questions we're commonly asked. If there is anything else you would like to know please email [email protected].
When will the program run?
The 2020 intake of EnergyLab's Scaleup Program will run between Monday 31 August 2020 and Friday 19 February 2021.
I'm working on <insert technology>, am I eligible to apply?
Possibly! While EnergyLab's focus is on clean energy, we take a very broad view of what that means and our partners are interested in anything that will help them solve their challenges or explore new markets. If you're unsure if you're a good fit for this program, please email us and we'll tell you for sure.
Can I participate in the program from <insert location>?
Yes, as the program will be delivered 100% online, you can participate in the program from anywhere in the world. However, you need to be in a position to attend virtual meetings and events during business hours in Sydney, Australia.
Does my business need to be registered in Australia?
No. Your business can be registered anywhere in the world. If you're not an Australian company, our only requirement is that you're serious about exploring the Australian market.
Do I have to pay a program fee?
No, the program is completely free; we don't charge cash or equity for participation.
Do you provide cash?
No, but we'll help you raise your next round on your own terms. No need to accept a fixed, investor-friendly investment just to get into the program. We'll introduce you to Australia's most active cleantech and energy sector investors and help you raise the right amount and type of capital for your business at the right time.
Do I need to travel to participate in this program?
No, due to restrictions on travel and meetings introduced to tackle COVID-19, we've decided to run this program completely online.
How many people from my team need to participate?
Only one, as long as that person is the CEO or equivalent. You're welcome to bring more if you want.
Can I invite an employee to participate?
You're welcome to bring others from your team along but we require CEO (or equivalent) participation in all program events.
How many spots are there in the program?
The 2020 Scaleup Program cohort will be made up of 5-10 companies.
Is it worth my time applying?
We get it - you have limited time and need to prioritise. That's why we have a pre-application form that only takes 5 minutes to fill out. Head to, answer a few questions, and we'll be in touch within a week to let you know whether we think it's worth your time filling in the whole application form.