Capital Raising
Let us help you raise your next round
Why pitch to EnergyLab's angel investor group?
To succeed as an entrepreneur you don't just need capital, you need experienced partners who understand what you're trying to achieve. You also need to get on with business; you can't wait forever for investors to decide whether or not they're going to invest.

EnergyLab's angel group is a unique network of investors who believe in the importance and potential of cleantech startups, can make decisions quickly and will continue to support you well after they've invested.
Backing from Australia's leading cleantech angel investors
EnergyLab's angel group is uniquely positioned to help cleantech startups succeed
Reach funding targets
EnergyLab is attracting new investors to the cleantech sector, increasing the chances of you reaching your fundraising targets.
Investors with experience
When our angel investor group invests in your business, you will receive much more than capital. You will receive values-aligned investors with relevant contacts and expertise dedicated to helping you succeed.
Success rate
Traditional investors and investment groups often shy away from cleantech startups. Our members are actively seeking cleantech startups to invest in, ensuring you receive a positive reception at pitch night.
Quick decisions
EnergyLab's angel group moves faster than most, typically making an offer of investment within about 30 days of the pitch night.
How the process works
We've tried to streamline the process of receiving investment from a group of angel investors. Here's what you need to do.
If selected, you will pitch to our angel investors at our next member meeting. Pitches are held via video conference so there is no need to travel.
After the pitch night, you will be invited to a one-hour meeting with any interested investors to discuss your business in more detail. This meeting is also held via video conference.
As the investors conduct their due diligence, they may request additional information and introductions to customers and other investors so they can ask them questions.
If our group plans to invest, we aim to make an offer about a month after the pitch night. Cash is typically transferred within a week of an agreement being signed.
Key dates
Below is the schedule for our next four pitch nights. To be notified of application deadlines subscribe to our newsletter.
How to apply to pitch at our next event
Applying to pitch to EnergyLab's angel group is easy. Simply fill in an application form and attend an interview.
If you're not sure if pitching to the group will help you reach your goals, you're welcome to first complete a pre-application form. We'll be in touch within a week to let you know whether it's worth your time filling in the full form.
Full application
The first official step in the application process is to complete a full application form. In addition to asking some basic questions about your business and capital raise, we'll ask you to upload your pitch deck so make sure you have that ready.
Applicants who best meet our members' preferences will be invited to attend an interview, during which we'll ask you to pitch as you would to our investors and answer some questions. The interview is 20 minutes long and held via video conference.
Within a couple of weeks after the next application deadline, we'll invite three startups to pitch at our next investor event.
What we're looking for
EnergyLab's angel investors back Australia's most promising cleantech startups
Your startup will have a positive environmental impact, such as by facilitating renewable energy uptake or reducing waste.
Your small business has the potential to become a very large one relatively quickly. You're not a consultancy, project developer or non-profit.
You've achieved customer validation, ideally are generating revenue, and are raising $100,000 to $1,000,000 at a $1-10 million valuation.
You have intellectual property, experience, talent and/or insight that will give you an unfair advantage over the competition.
In addition to the above main selection criteria above, we're looking for:

- Applications from the founding CEO or equivalent. You're welcome to get an employee to fill in the application form, but our investors want to talk to the person in charge, as do we.

- Startups in Australia or New Zealand. That's where our investors are based, and a lot of them like to meet the founding team before investing. If you're from ANZ and have expanded overseas or are expanding to ANZ then that's great, but unless we can meet the founding CEO or equivalent then we're unlikely to invest.

- Capital raises of about $100,000 to $1,000,000. If you're raising significantly less than $100,000 then we would suggest applying for an acceleration program instead, most of which come with an offer of investment. If you're raising much more than $1,000,000, we'd recommend trying to raise from VCs. The sweet spot for our angel group is somewhere in the middle.

- Valuations of $1-10 million. Most of our investments are made at valuations (or valuation caps) of $1-5 million, but we've invested at higher valuations in exceptional founders.

- A lead investor. Our angel group can and will lead rounds if necessary, but we can invest much quicker if you already have a lead investor who you have agreed on terms with.

- Straight equity deals. We often invest with SAFE notes and convertible notes, but we'd prefer to agree on valuation and receive shares straight away. Pleased note that a lot of investors don't differentiate between valuations and valuation caps, so if you're raising on a SAFE or convertible note in an attempt to avoid the question of valuation, you'll only achieve that without including a valuation cap, which will turn off a lot of investors.

- Founders willing to accept $10,000 cheques. Our members invest directly, not through a unit trust or nominee company, so each member that invests will end up on your cap table. Some founders have a minimum investment they're willing to accept to put someone on their cap table. All our members are willing to invest at least $10,000 (and many of them much more than that) but if you're not willing to accept $10k investors onto your cap table then there's less we can do to help you.

As with all investors, we'll make exceptions for exceptional founders, so please apply even if you don't meet every criterion above.
Not sure if this is the group for you?
If you're a cleantech entrepreneur in Australia or New Zealand looking to raise capital but you're unsure if pitching to EnergyLab's angel group is for you, feel free to book a call with our CEO. He'll discuss your unique situation and explore whether there is anything we can do to help you.
Book a call
Here are some of the questions we're commonly asked. If there is anything else you would like to know please email [email protected].
How much can I raise?
EnergyLab's angel investment group is best suited to investing the last $100,000 to $200,000 in a funding round.
How long does the process take?
We aim to make you an offer of investment within a month of the pitch night. Our average is currently 31 days and trending downwards.
What are my chances of raising from the group?
If you're selected to pitch to our angel group, there is a bit more than a 1 in 3 chance you'll receive a substantial offer of investment. So far, 38% of startups that have pitched to our group have received an offer of investment they were happy to accept. Even if the group doesn't choose to invest, you're likely to establish relationships with potential advisors and future investors.
Do I get a say over who from the group invests in my startup?
Absolutely. We'll check with you before involving any members of our group in the due diligence process and are here to diplomatically remove any members from the process if you decide you'd prefer not to have them as investors in your company.
Do I need to travel to raise money from EnergyLab's angel group?
No, you can arrange to meet investors in person if you want, but all interviews, pitch nights, and follow-up meetings are held via video conference.
What does it cost?
Absolutely nothing. EnergyLab does not charge startups fees to apply or pitch to our angel group and we don't take a cut of the funds you raise.
My startup is incorporated outside Australia / New Zealand, can I apply?
Yes, as long as you operate in Australia or New Zealand.